Why Choose CREATURE?

Automated Secondary Motion: Cloth, hair, flesh, skin moves realistically. You can achieve these effects in less than ten minutes. This feature is ONLY available in CREATURE.

Advanced tech for 2D-animation: 3D-to-2D mocap transfer, automated walk cycle generation, automated skin weighting, soft body dynamics, and fully deformable meshes... and more.

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Hardware Requirements

CPU: Recommended Intel i3 or above
Display: Recommended Resolution of 1600x900 or above
GPU: Requires a GPU that can run OpenGL 3.3 and above
Memory: Recommended 4Gb and above

*Purchase A License before Download

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A great choice for small-scale development teams who prefer a monthly cost to an annual contract. Includes all the core features needed to dramatically increase the efficiency of a studio's 2D art pipeline, including Sprite Bump, a normal mapping tool that gives 3D lighting effects to 2D images. Indie Product Sheet

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This is the full-featured version of Creature. Enterprise customers get unlimited support tickets, and an hour-a-month of consultation with Creature's Lead Engineer. Enterprise also includes Sprite Bump, a normal mapping tool that gives 3D lighting effects to 2D images. Enterprise Product Sheet

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Try For Free

Explore Creature by downloading the Creature trial, free for Windows and Mac. All Creature Professional features are available in the trial except project saving, export. Examples

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"Artificial intelligence is going to change just about everything — like animating video games, for example.This new product from Midas Touch is part of the company’s founding beliefs in a new kind of intelligent procedural animation technology." (view full article)


"A new piece of software just released from animation startup Midas Touch Interactive called Midas Creature is designed to add secondary animation to 2d characters – automatically." (view full article)

------Cartoon Brew

"We have seen a 10X increase in the speed of our art pipeline using Creature."


"Not only does it save a huge amount of time but it also enables even newbie animators to create beautiful and natural-looking animations right away."


Midas Touch Interactive
Creature Automated Animation Tool

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